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Improve Appearance with Facial exercise, Toning & Strengthening facial muscles - Non surgical Facelift: Clinically Proven Effective. Restore and Maintain a Younger Looking Facial Appearance.




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  "I noticed by jaw line and chin were beginning to look droopy. After using Facial-Flex, I was surprised how much firmer my jaw line, neck and overall facial muscles appeared. I'm convinced Facial-Flex has made a definite improvement in my facial muscles and I am continuing to use it."

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  Before and After Study - 2004  

"On May 5, 2004, I came to the Facial Concepts' offices and photographed five women who were about to embark on using the Facial Concepts' product for the first time. After twelve weeks of the women using the product, I came back on September 8, 2004 to photograph them again in the exact same way.

The camera used was a Hasseblad H101. Shot at 125 of a second at an aperture of F8.  The strobe lighting used was a combination of Comets & Pro Foto lights.  These were located one above the subject in a soft box and two on a white background.  A white fill card was used under the subject's face for filling in any shadows.  On both shoot dates, the lighting stayed the same."


Finally, a cosmetic transdermal patch that uses 100% pure pharmaceutical grade Vitamin C to reverse wrinkles while you sleep!

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"Please note that Allied Products/ Biofeedback Instrument Corp.is a re-seller/ distributor of official Facial Flex Products. All product we sell are drop shipped directly from the manufacturer Facial Concepts, Inc. All information and clinical data about Facial Flex products on our site has been provided by Facial Concepts, Inc."

Facial Flex Before & After Photos

Give Your Face A Lift -Without Surgery!

As we age facial muscles weaken, and skin begins to sag. But just as gym workouts can promote the body's youthful strength and suppleness, facial exercise - based on the same principles of dynamic resistance - can strengthen facial muscles. Independent studies have shown that using Facial Flex for two minutes twice daily for 60 days can noticeably improve skin circulation and muscle tone in the face.

If sagging muscles In your face chin and neck are aging you beyond your years, this medical discovery may reverse the process and make you look healthier, more vibrant, younger! Effects similar to a non surgical facelift.

How effective is Facial-Flex? Results of an 8-week clinical test published in the Journal of Geriatric Dermatology reported that subjects showed 250% increase in facial muscle strength, 32% increase in skin elasticity. Many also reported improved circulation and more robust skin coloring.

Facial-Flex was first developed to help restore facial muscle tone for stroke and burn rehabilitation. As a daily facial exercise, the device is placed between the corners of the mouth, then flexed by pressing and releasing for about 2 minutes. Simple and painless, yet it may produce results that take years off your looks!

Facial-Flex exerciser could end the elusive search for the fountain of youth...

Small company's patented facial exercise device could get you more compliments than thousands of hours in a gym.. in just minutes a day!

Believe it or not, your face is probably the most neglected part of your body - wouldn't you agree? Think about it... constantly battered by the sun, wind and pollution, scrubbed with harsh cleansers and ointments, rarely exercised. That's right, exercised. The key to maintaining fitness in the rest of your body, exercise is also vital to facial fitness. In fact, exercising your facial muscles on a regular basis can have effects on your appearance that rival expensive face-lift surgery! Effects similar to a non surgical facelift

Exercise your face.
How do you exercise your face, chin and neck? Contrary to popular opinion, day-to-day activity (talking, laughing) is not enough to promote facial fitness. You need to isolate and exercise the muscles of your face, chin and neck. Sound unrealistic? Not any-more. Facial-Flex', from Facial Concepts, Inc., is a proven effective product that does just that, with the capability of giving you a younger-looking face in as little as eight weeks!

A serious tool.
Facial-Flex was originally developed as a rehabilitation device for individuals experiencing facial muscle trauma as a result of facial burns, surgery or neurological damage. When results among that group were so positive, the makers of Facial-Flex saw a greater need for facial fitness in the general population. Natural non surgical face-lift. The muscles that shape your face begin to lose their firmness and tone at about 35, resulting in sagging tissues and the onset of wrinkles. Don't be fooled - sagging cannot be prevented or arrested by creams or lotions.

Facial-Flex, however, can slow and even stop the sagging process from the inside out. Using Facial-Flex restores and maintains the original shape and contour of your facial muscles. As facial muscles get stronger, they get shorter and flatter, causing the attached skin to become firmer, improving your appearance. How does it work? Facial-Flex is a dynamic external resistance device, six-and-one-half centimeters in length, made of surgical-grade stainless steel and Delrin plastic. It uses a replaceable six-ounce dental elastic to provide resistance to compression.

The lightweight, crescent-shaped facial exercise device is placed in the corners of the mouth, where it maintains a constant outward resistance. To use Facial-Flex, compress and release repetitively against the resistance of the dental elastic. This easy-to learn procedure will yield results in no time!

For a healthier face.
The benefits of facial exercise for your body have been well established. Facial-Flex can provide those same benefits for your face, restoring and maintaining a more youthful facial appearance by strengthening and toning more than 30 muscle groups in the face, chin and neck. Facial-Flex improves facial circulation, removing toxins from facial tissue, elevating the nutrients provided to the skin and promoting a glowing, healthier-looking face.

Try it today! If you're concerned with the effects of aging and want your face to look and feel younger, give Facial-Flex a try. It is backed by our risk-free trial and one-year manufacturer's limited warranty. If you're not satisfied, return it within 30 days for a refund, "No Questions Asked."

  • The First Cos-Medical Device for Facial Fitness
  • Revolutionary Technology
  • Independent Research Studies have Proven to Increase Muscle Strength by 250%, Skin Elasticity by 32.5%, Circulation by 10%
  • Maximum Benefits at an Affordable Price
  • Based on the Principle of Dynamic Resistance Exercise
  • Impacts More Than 30 Muscle Groups In The Face, Chin and Neck
  • Registered Medical Product
  • Convenient and Portable
  • Unique Patented Design
  • Exercise Program Averages 2 Minutes Per Day
  • Significant Results Within 60 Days
  • Tones, Uplifts, and Redefines the Face, Chin, and Neck





As you use the Facial Flex, the facial muscles will strengthen, and you will require higher resistance elastic bands.
Recommended: 1 package of 8oz and 1 package of 14oz bands should be purchased with the Facial Flex.

1 Facial Flex Ultra $69.95 (for all orders, inside or outside the United States, a minimum purchase of 3 Facial Flex units is required) View Cart | Checkout
1 Package of 8 Oz Elastic bands $7 View Cart | Checkout
1 Package of 14 Oz Elastic bands $8 View Cart | Checkout


Distributor Pricing: As low as $33 (for large quantity orders)


Facial Flex Before & After Photos


"I noticed by jaw line and chin were beginning to look droopy. After using Facial-Flex, I was surprised how much firmer my jaw line, neck and overall facial muscles appeared. I'm convinced Facial-Flex has made a definite improvement in my facial muscles and I am continuing to use it."

Dr. Mary T., Pensacola, FL

"I have been using the Facial-Flex for about 4 years, and I cannot say enough about it's results. I just love it! ..... P.S. I try to tell everyone about the Facial-Flex, but sometimes its just too GOOD a beauty secret to spread around!"

Rhonda H., Binghamton, NY
Yesterday, April 5, 2004 I received my Facial Flex. As I mentioned to you
on the phone, I bought my first Facial Flex in 1995 or 6 as I was working
in Japan.

First let me say that the new Facial Flex improvement is much appreciated. I can more easily put the bands on without stretching them
out of shape which reduces the life of the band. Also, I have learned from the the video that leaning forward and leveling my chin has made the biggest difference ever in my lower face! It's so simple yet so effective. A friend of mine had lower face plastic surgery on March 9, and actually she need not have done it if she had known about Facial Flex.

Dr. Jaxson-Jäger

"After about three weeks, I see a completely symmetrical mouth in the mirror, and a new, younger-looking, definition to my cheekbones.........Thank you for an excellent product that gives the user the satisfaction of results as promised. I feel so much better about my aging face!"

Adele A., Enfield, CT
I received the facial flex ultra. It's a great product!!! I have one of the electronic facial exercisers and the facial flex is a superior product.

Suzette Yonker

Hi, i have had the facial flex ultra (for 3 or 4 years) and am needing replacement bands for the 14 oz. size. i know it says 6 mo. supply but I would like to know the # of bands included in this package. also, how do you use the advanced renewal complex and how does it benefit you? I LOVE this product!!!! thank you very much for your time and help. gratefully,

shala johnson
"Before I was about to have a face lift, I wanted to give your product a try. After only 4 and 1/2 months of using your Facial-Flex instrument, I no longer need to have this operation. I have taken away 10 years off my age on my face and neck! Your "instrument" worked so well I will recommend it to anyone who is even thinking of a face lift. I cannot begin to thank you enough.

John M., Dallas, TX



The ORIGINAL . . . the one and only  facial care exercise system

that works on progressive dynamic resistance.

Clinically proven safe and effective by leading Universities.


250% increase in facial muscle strength
32.5% increase in facial skin tone/firmness

(averages over an 8 week period)

The Complete System includes :

Facial-Flex® Ultra Device
Made with surgical stainless steel and space age material for years of durability.

Advanced Renewal Complex™
Specially formulated anti-oxidant rich moisturizer helps reduce signs of aging.

Informative Instructional Video
Learn how to impact over 30 muscle groups of the face, chin and neck.

Elastic Replacement Bands
Available in varying degrees of resistance as your muscles become stronger.

Carrying/Storage Case
Keeps your Facial-Flex clean and convenient to travel.



Facial Flex Before & After Photos

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Facial Flex, Facial Exerciser, Non Surgical Facelift, Wrinkle Reduction, Facial Toning

Improve Appearance with Facial exercise, Toning & Strengthening facial muscles - Non surgical Facelift: Clinically Proven Effective. Restore and Maintain a Younger Looking Facial Appearance.

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