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The Future of Biofeedback

The Infiniti Technology Platform incorporates the latest advances in hardware and software architecture. Its modular design offers maximum flexibility and ease of use across a wide range of applications. ProComp Encoder/Infiniti Software System (w/o Sensors) $3850.

Thought Technology Computerized Biofeedback Systems

Thought Technology is pleased to provide our customers with the Infiniti series of hardware, software and Suite packages. They have been designed to maximize your investment. Simply add sensor modules, and you are ready to go. The Suites are a grouping of channel sets, screens and scripts created to make the most of the encoder for which it was designed. Some Suites, such as DynaMap, are designed to include all encoder types and include channel sets, screens and scripts with specific designs for each encoder.
Software Suites for Peak Performance and Sports Applications

Note:  All Procomp and Flexcomp systems will include the 360 Suite.

EEG module$295
EEG module with Impedance Testing$395
EMG module$395
GSR module$295
Temperature module$210
Respiration module$295
Heart Rate/BVP module$295
EKG module$295
360 Suite$395
BioFun Suite – Games for Bio/Neurofeedback and muscle rehab$150
Cardio Pro Infiniti Software Suite$600
The UControl home biofeedback system for Incontinence$350
2-Channel Connectivity EEG Cable$55
4-Channel Connectivity EEG Cable$75
UPGRADE TO BIOGRAPH 6.2 (if bundled with any Software Suite, costs $200)$200
UPGRADE TO BIOGRAPH 6.2 (not bundled with any Software Suite)$300
EKG Receiver for Polar Belt$250
Reaction Time Suite$295
TT-pIR HeadGear$1000
TELE-INFINITI CF (requires BioGraph ∞ 4.0 or later.)$995
TT AV SYNC SENSOR (For use with Biograph 5.1.1 or later, and Reaction Time Suite)$550
VOLTAGE ISOLATOR4, 60in, 154cm (for use w/ Biograph 5.1.1 or later)$600
Mind Over Muscle (CalmLink PC software & GSR/temp2X + 2 CDs) Biofeedback System$285.95
MIND OVER MUSCLE (CDs & Manual Only)$39.95
NUPREP EEG SKIN PREPPING GEL 4oz; 114g (pack of 3)$37
TEN-20 CONDUCTIVE EEG PASTE 4oz; 114g (pack of 3)$37
Z-Score Biofeedback Add-on (2 Channel)$895
Z-Score Biofeedback Add-on (4 Channel)$995
BioGraph-X Infiniti Add-on$99
DynaMap Suite$295
Z-Score Mini Suite$295
The Rehab Suite$295
Zukor’s Grind$495
Zukor’s Air$495

BioGraph Infiniti Software

is the core of all our Biofeedback and Psychophysiology products. It provides a multimedia rich graphical experience, while capturing and analyzing raw data. It also includes all the features and functions required to run our specialized application Suites.

Application Suites

An application suite is a grouping of screens, computations and protocols designed for a particular application.

Each one takes full advantage of the latest functions and features of our powerful multimedia biofeedback software, like DVD movie control, and provide complete control over your entire clinical process, from assessment, to training, to reporting and demonstrating outcome. An applications suite is also created to make the most of the encoder for which it was designed.

EEG Suite

The EEG Suite includes new coherence training screens with dual-threshold range training. It offers over 80 display screens for many standard EEG protocols, including an outstanding alpha-theta training screen and a number of template-style screens for training with 3, 6 or 10 user-defined EEG bands. The standard protocols can be used for training alpha amplitude (range), alpha peak frequency, alpha theta, beta amplitude, SMR amplitude, theta beta, theta SMR and wide band inhibit.

Z-Score Mini-Suite

The Z-Score Mini-Suite (NEW) includes everything you need for two and four channel z-score assessment and training. Individual z-scores, metrics describing the overall state of a number of z-scores, as well as z-score with standard EEG band amplitudes in parallel. All this with the feedback features of BioGraph Infiniti including DVD playback, AVI Animations, and single and dual monitor displays. Take advantage of the full power of BioGraph Infiniti by using Quick Start favorites, which allow you to start a session, review, report and analyze statistics with the click of a single button or even a desktop icon!

Physiology Suite

The Physiology Suite includes all the tools you need for multi-modality physiological assessments and over 80 display screens for training with standard physiological sensors including heart rate with EKG or blood volume pulse (BVP), electromyography (EMG), skin conductance, temperature and respiration. Using the Physiology suite, you can train self-regulation with physiological biofeedback protocols that include relaxation with EMG, temperature or skin conductance, heart rate variability with respiration and EKG or BVP and abdominal/thoracic breathing.

The Rehab Suite

combines Thought Technology's powerful BioGraph Infiniti software with specialized protocols, tutorials, screens, animations and statistics, designed to provide customized clinical treatment for your clients. Its flexibility in all aspects of its use, from recording options to protocols and sound and visual feedback, will enable you to reach new levels of treatment.

Reaction Time Suite (NEW)

The Reaction Time Suite includes both continuous performance testing (CPT) and real sports reaction time training. The Reaction Time Suite takes standard CPT protocols (single, variable and choice) to the next level by combining reaction time data with time-locked EEG and physiology data, to allow direct linkage of response type to mind and body activity. The suite also includes training capabilities and offers unprecedented accuracy.

The real sports reaction time protocols are designed for biofeedback training in sports that demand quick reactions to trigger events. It includes screens for baseball, tennis, soccer, track and field, ice hockey and more to train for higher batting averages, better serve returns, more accurate penalty kicks, faster starts, and higher face-off percentages. Features use of push buttons, foot pedals and even raw EMG sensors, to simulate real sports actions by using EMG from muscle contractions to respond to events! Highly accurate, time-locked EEG, physiology and EMG allow in-depth analysis of mind and body activity during sports reaction time training.

DynaMap Suite

The DynaMap Suite is focused on SEMG with a wide variety of different applications. It also incorporates other modalities, including Goniometer and Force, in some of the channel sets and screens. The Suite is designed to be used on ProComp Infiniti, FlexComp Infiniti and ProComp2 systems which support BioGraph Infiniti software with channels sets to maximize the features of each.

Offline Analysis

Cardio Pro Infiniti

CardioPro Infiniti is a specialized off-line analysis module which brings advanced heart rate variability (HRV) analysis capabilities to the BioGraph Infiniti platform. It complements any physiological biofeedback suite (such as the Physiology suite) by providing sophisticated data analysis methods that were only previously available in very specialized software packages such as Thought Technology�s CardioPro software.

HRV Analysis Module


Z Score biofeedback Add-on

This product adds the power of the Z-score Biofeedback Library to BioGraph Infiniti, allowing you to analyze normative data in real time. Obtain faster results when combining z-score biofeedback with BioGraph Infiniti, as the power of connectivity assessment and training is all available in one place. Fast, easy training with the same strategy every time: train towards norm. For use with EEG Suite, Z-Score Mini-Suite (NEW) or Developer Tools.


Captivating Games for Biofeedback, Neurofeedback, and Muscle Rehabilitation
BioFun Games make physiological training fun and challenging!

BioGraph-X Infiniti Add-on

BioGraph-X Infiniti add-on (200+ animations) is offered by Thought Technology to enhance your training sessions. The add-on is compiled of a variety of animations from nature, to fractals and games. In addition, there are animations that when placed side by side will appear as one, such as the multiple car race, allowing the clinician to link each animation to a different criteria and have the client compete against their self.

Zukor's Grind

Zukor's Grind is a next-generation feedback game for use in neurofeedback and biofeedback designed by professional game developers under the guidance of clinical practitioners. It benefits neurofeedback and biofeedback clinicians by giving them an unprecedented level of control of the patient feedback experience to increase both treatment efficacy and patient retention. The youth-oriented graphics and skateboarding theme are perfect for use with teens, pre-teens, young adults, or anyone that is young at heart.

(533-512) $495

Zukor's Air

Zukor's Air is a flying-themed feedback game featuring airplanes (modern and historic), animals (parrot, bat, bald eagle, etc.), insects (butterfly, bumble bee, etc.), dragons, a flying pink pig and more. Zukor's Air will appeal to patients of all ages, including young children, girls, boys, teenagers and adults. The goal of Zukor's Air is to fly across the Pacific ocean, from San Francisco to Japan, and along the way to fly through rings in the air for points. Zukor's Air is optimized for clinical neurofeedback and biofeedback, which means it has a gameplay dynamic that emphasizes relaxed focus. (A future version will be available for peak performance.)

(533-513) $495

EKG Receiver for Polar Belt

The EKG Receiver detects the heart rate of a user from the Polar™ transmitter belt that the user wears around the chest.

Polar™ transmitter belt is not provided by Thought Technology and must be purchased separately.

(533-512) $495

Developer Tools

Developer Tools

Included at no charge with every Infiniti System purchase, Developer Tools provide powerful editing capabilities for to create new channel sets, customized display screens and automated session scripts that can significantly expand your biofeedback and data-acquisition horizons! Developer tools often include features that are not yet available in an applications suite, so that developers can benefit from cutting edge functionality sooner.

Peak Performance & Sports

“The new Infiniti software has a superb system for doing single and dual channel 2-61 Hz EEG profiles and psychophysiological stress assessments. This combination is essential for effective work with adolescent and adult clients. Clients can see and understand how their mental state corresponds to their EEG and to their physiological profile. Feedback screens allow the practitioner to monitor and display EEG bands simultaneously with RSA, skin temperature, EDR and muscle tension. Virtually any array is available for the individual client, The ease with which screens can be customized to fit the needs of individual clients is admirable. The ProComp2 has allowed parents of young children to do daily sessions at home and the results have been remarkable. We appreciate how your group is continually working to respond to the suggestions of clinicians to improve what is already a remarkable piece of software.” Lynda & Michael Thompson ADD Centres and The Biofeedback Institute of Toronto“I love the BioGraph Infiniti. It’s a comprehensive biofeedback system complete with EEG Neurofeedback plus a wide selection of flexible biofeedback modalities to fit any clinician’s needs. Its state-of-the-art multimedia capabilities are engaging, effective, and fun!” Lynda Kirk, MA, LPC, BCIA Senior Fellow, BCIA-EEG Fellow, QEEG-Diplomate ISNR past president & Fellow, AAPB past president, Clinical Director, Austin Biofeedback Center/Optimal Performance Institute.

Features of TT-pIR HEadGear:

  • Lightweight, ergonomic design provides maximum comfort
  • Usage is fast and easy, as open concept headgear greatly reduces ambient temperature dependence and stabilization time
  • Measurements are stable and reliable with wide-range, dual sensor configuration
  • Sensors are highly accurate and sensitive due to significant engineering research and development

  • Price: $1000




    Thought Technology EMG & Home Biofeedback Systems | 360 Suite

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