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  • 6S Sensory & SilentSound Spaces


    Sense, feel, think, perceive, create, learn, balance, relax, enjoy.

    What if you had spaces in your school, rehab, nursing home or workplace, in which you could stimulate your senses, be creative, move your body, and learn through play?
    Then, relax, balance your systems, calm your body, clear your mind and recharge vitality before getting back to your regular daily activities?

    What if you could create such spaces in your place ?

  • Body Pillow TheSoundwellYogibo Max


    Check Our Double Max $3800

    The Yogibo Max is the only furniture on the market to fully conform to the user’s body with zero pressure points.

  • Music Mattress - Sound Mattress

    Cloud Chair TheSoundWell Yougibo Short


    The vibroacoustic Short is the perfect love seat!  Comfy,  and versatile awesomeness. The Short works to get you on cloud nine as a couch, a recliner, a love seat, a bed, you name it! Add to that the fact that the near-frictionless microbeads and the switchable, washable covers combine to create the ONLY furniture on the market that conforms to your body with ZERO pressure points! . It’s the perfect companion to any playroom, lounge, apartment, dorm, and as a therapeutic chair at home and in special need school and rehab.

  • EZ Access Recliners Solutions


    In the EZ access recliner, the seat height (4″ higher) corresponds with wheelchair height for easier patient access
    The arm drops down to seat height for ease of patient transfer

  • Music Mattress - Sound Mattress

    Learning Chair- Vibro Yogibo Lounger


    The Vibro  Yogibo Lounger is the best gaming /learning bean bag chair on the market.
    When you think about gaming for long periods, why settle for some stiff recliner or unnecessarily oversized couch where you can never seem to hit the sweet spot of pure, comfy bliss?
    Paying attention and focusing either for gaming or learning should be ergonomically optimized.
    It is perfectly shaped to be the only lounge chair you’ll ever need for your game room or library. And while it’s already in the perfect reclining shape, all of our bodies are different, and that’s where the signature stretchy Yogibo fabric comes in. Want to kick back or squish into it a little more? No problem, the fabric can stretch to meet your every need. Now go on, get comfy and start racking up those high scores!
    The Vibroacoustic therapy components enable you to feel and sense the game and also relax after hours of being attentive physically and mentally.

  • Massage Table – TheSoundWell SoundTable


    If you are a massage therapist, chiropractor, Acupuncture Dr Holistic Medical Doctor or any other therapist using a massage table, SoundTable is a great added value

  • TheSoundWell Sound Mattress

    Music Mattress – Sound Mattress


    TheSoundWell Sound Mattress connects easily to a provided amplifier.  It enables you to feel and hear the music simultaneously as you stream it from external resources (YouTube). It also includes a tablet with the original Vibroacoustic therapy kit of Olav Skille’s 7 low sound frequencies which help balance mental, physical and emotional system and reduce pain, stress, insomnia and anxiey and boost vitality in s soothing and effortless way

  • Olav Skille’s Low Sound Frequencies & nature sounds

    Olav Skille, The inventor of Vibroacoustic Therapy, composed harmonic low sound frequencies which help balance inner systems and help reduce pain, stress, insomnia and anxiety and boost vitality in a soothing and effortless ways

  • Sonic Harmonic Pets


    $165 – $299 depends on sizes and speakers built in

    The sonic harmonic pets (daisy panda, hug me teddy, purring cat and others) are great solution for children to fall asleep and reduce anxiety and stress.
    Children , teen agers and elderly people may find our sonic harmonic pets relaxing and comforting as they serve as emotional support.
    The pet has rechargeable Bluetooth amplifier built in.

  • Sonic Vibrating Rocking Chairs


    Price: $2200+ shipping

    Sonic Vibrating Rocking Chairs combine the swinging movement of the chair with the inner body massage based on low sound frequencies and the option of streaming music into the body:
    Here are two products which include the base rocking chair and on top of it, a vibroacoustic therapy mat.

  • TheSoundWell 4Senses Chill-OUT Spaces

    You smell essential oils, you view nature scenes, you hear inspiring music, you feel sonic inner body massage you perceive serenity and inner balance.

    4Senses Chill-Out Space invites you to enter a soothing temple of tranquility.
    You feel and sense as if you are hugged from within.

  • TheSoundwell Pillows & Vibrating Pads /Sleeves

    About The Pillows /Pads /Sleeves:
    TheSoundwell Pillows family are intended to relax and reduce stress. There are different types of pillows for different purposes:

    Hug Me Pillow – serves as emotional support and helps reduce pain, stress, insomnia and anxiety and boost vitality

    Multifunctional Pillow – you can sit on or place in the back of your chair.

    Built-in Vibrations – slim pillow you can place under a sofa or a recliner and turn it into a vibroacoustic therapy equipment.

    Sound Foot Massage Roll – Place your feet on the pillow and get inner body massage which helps your blood circulation and gymnastic to the cells while you sit all day.

    Customized Pillow – challenge us! – provide the specifications and we will create the best Vibroacoustic Therapy pillow for your needs.

  • TheSoundWell Zero Gravity Chair

    TheSoundWell Zero Gavity Chair


    TheSoundWell Zero Gravity Chair Each zero gravity chair comes included with a full padded “Cushy Headrest”, removable comfy “Cushion” and “Foot Rest” for a restful nap.
    On to of the chair you will place UnWindMe – personal and portable vibroacoustic mat
    On the attachable “Side Tray” you can play your Vibroacoustic therapy amplifier and tablet.

  • Yogibo Sonic Vibration Back/Neck / Shoulders Support


    The Yogibo Sonic Vibration Back/Neck / Shoulders Support pillows are the ultimate sound ergonomic everyone should have. All you need do is position the Support as you please to accommodate a wide variety of relaxing sitting positions. It’s that simple!
    Place it on your bed for sitting up and reading. This is an added value to anywhere you wish to relax and reduce pain, stress, insomnia and anxiety. Hug it sideways as a way to cradle your body or use it as a tension-relieving backrest!
    You stream harmonic low sound frequencies and get gentle yet effective inner body massage to every organ, tissue and cells.

  • designify

    TheSoundWell Mat


    TheSoundWell Vibro-Mat   includes a combination of 6 built in transducers for low sound frequencies and a music speaker.

    The systems includes a tablet with 7 low sound frequencies composed by Olav Skille – The Inventor of Vibroacoustic Therapy

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